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Barre Safe Movers

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew
We move safe all over Barre, Massachusetts and all surrounding areas. If you are looking for a professional local company that specializes in moving safes then you have found us! Our expert safe movers move more safes in one year than most other companies will ever move.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Safe Movers in Barre

All of our customers are impressed and happy when we get finished, because they see the time and care we take to protect your safe and your property. Call us for a free quote today. We will impress and make you happy too!

Our Services:
•Move safes
•Safe movers
•Relocate safes
•Deliver safes
•Haul safes
•Transport safes
•Bolt down safes
•Install safes
•Haul off safes
•Move ATM machines
•Remove bank safes and another bank equipment
•Remove safe deposit box nests
•Remove night depository
Types of safes we move:
•Gun safes
•Fire safes
•Data Safes
•Media Safes
•Burglary Safes
•Jewelers safes
•Jewelry Safes
•Antique Safes
•Office Safes
•Cash safes
•Drop safes
•Deposit Safes
•High Security Safes
•Pharmacy safes
•GSA Containers
•Government Safes
•TL-15 Safes
•TL-30 Safes
•TL-30X6 Safes
•TL-60X6 Safes
•Modular Safes
We remove bank safes and safe deposit box nests from banks that have closed.
If you have a property that was previously used as a bank and you need the safes or safe deposit box nests un-stacked and removed and disposed of in the Barre area, give us a call.

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How Do We Move Safes?
We let our equipment do most of the work, combined with gravity and leverage to move safes. We also have specialized equipment we utilize to move safes. Some safe moving equipment we have purchased and many other tools we have designed and fabricated ourselves to perform a specific job. These tools make most or our safe moves appear almost effortless to bystanders. Please check out our safe moving photo blog to see how we have moved many different types of safes; this will give you an idea how we will also move your safe when we arrive.
Have A Safe You Just Want Hauled Off?
Sometimes we haul off unwanted safes for free. These would be safes that we believe we can use for parts, or perhaps we believe the safe is worth restoring. Give us a call and tell us about your safe and we will let you know. After we have more information about your safe, we will either tell you we are able to haul your safe off for free, or we will provide you with a quote to haul off your safe.

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Is My Safe Too Heavy for You to Move?
No, we are capable of moving safes weighing up to 8,000 pounds from one location to another. In addition, we are capable of moving safes up to 12,000 pounds from one part of a building to another part of the same building.
Can You Move Safes Up or Down Stairs?
If there are steps that the safe must come up or go down, we make case by case determinations as to whether we believe we can safHampden
move a specific safe up or down stairs without damaging the safe or the building.

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Do You Damage Floors While Moving Safes?
No! We have special aluminum plates, runners or blankets that we put down to protect your wood, laminate, carpet, tile & Framingham
floors and thresholds from damage while moving your safe over them. Therefore, the aluminum plates spread the weight out to a larger area. If we have to slide a safe around in any direction, the safe will be moving on the plates so there is no possibility of damaging your floors. We always use floor protection when moving safes unless it is bare concrete or you specifically ask us not to use floor protection.
We use a custom Safe Moving Trailer
We have a customized trailer that we use to move safes. It is a 14,000-pound 16-foot trailer and has custom heavy duty 8-foot c-channel ramps along with a 9,500-pound winch that allows us to safHolyoke
load and unload your safe. This allows us to maintain complete control of even the heaviest safe. From the moment we move your safe from its original location, till the moment it is positioned in its new location, the safe is fully supported at all times in an upright position and tightly secured with straps both to our pallet jack while moving the safe, and strapped to our trailer during transit using 4″ straps.
How Do I Arrange for Your Company to Move Safes?
Call us today to schedule to have your safe moved and we can usually get to it pretty quickly. Many times, we can also move your safe the same day if you are in a pinch, but we prefer to plan our safe moves at least a day or more ahead of time where possible, so we can schedule our work load appropriatHarvard
. The more notice you can give the better, although we are very flexible and easy to get along with, so if something goes wrong with your schedule, we will work with you to accommodate whatever changes that may be needed.

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What Areas Do You Provide Safe Moving Services?
We professionally move safes, deliver safes, install safes, bolt down safes, and relocate safes everywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, and all surrounding areas. We service 13 counties around the Barre Metroplex. Arrangements to move safes longer distances may also be possible up to a couple hundred miles one way, just call and ask us. We will ask you several questions about your safe move then we will either quote you a flat rate or a minimum and a maximum pTownsend
. We get a good picture of what we will have to do to move safes through the questions we ask in advance, therefore we rarTempleton
ever need to adjust our quotes.
Here are some questions to prepare to answer when you call us about moving your safe, so we can provide you with an accurate quote to move your safe:
•When do you want to move the safe?
•What kind of safe is it? (Brand and type. i.e. jewelers, fire, burglary, gun safe etc.)
•What are the dimensions (and the weight if known)?
•It is a single door or double door safe?
•Does the safe have casters or wheels of any kind?
•Is the safe sitting flat on the floor?
•Do you know if the safe have bolts holding it down? (To wood or concrete?)
•If the safe has bolts holding it down, can you open the safe so we can unbolt it?
•Is the safe built into a wall or cabinet?
•Is it sitting on lumber or a pallet?
•Where is the safe currently? (Garage, house, bedroom, closet, storage unit, retail store, loading dock, moving truck, warehouse, or outside)
•Where do you need to move the safe to? (Garage, house, bedroom, closet, storage unit, retail store, loading dock, moving truck, outside, another room at the same location)
•Are there any steps up or down that the safe will have to go over to get to where it needs to go?
•What type of flooring will the safe have to move across at both locations? (wood, concrete, tile, carpet, Easthampton
, glass, etc.)
•Can we back a trailer up to the building close to a door to load and unload the safe?
•Is the driveway level? or does it have a very steep incline making it difficult to move safes?
Answers to these questions will help us provide you with an accurate quote. We may ask you to send us a picture of the safe, and in very rare circumstances we will need to come out and see the location.
Before you call to schedule your safe to be moved:
It is often helpful when quoting to move safes if before calling, you go to your safe and determine the safe manufacturer name and/or take measurements and a photo of the safe so we can give you an accurate quote to move your safe.

Barre Safe Movers
Barre Safe Movers
Barre Safe Movers