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Auburn Packing Movers

Packing Services
Our professional packers and movers arrive a day or a few days before your move date, and we pack everything—from dishes and clothes to linens and tools. Because this is what we do, we move through your house efficiently (about half the time it would take you), putting items in the appropriate boxes and ensuring they’re protected from start to finish with high-quality supplies. Packing really is a tedious and time-consuming process, so our moving company offers you our packing services.

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For many people, the only thing worse than packing is unpacking. Our packers and movers carefully and swiftly take all your items out of the boxes and remove all the boxes and packing paper and materials, which can really add up. If you’re away, we also offer a ‘white-glove’ complete unpack service for a premium.

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What’s the best way to ensure your treasured items are secure for transportation? Use boxes for anything that fits in a box, and use high-quality boxes design to hold up—not those free, often damaged liquor store boxes you’ll spend more time and money filling.

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Give your art, glass furniture, animal heads and other high-value items the utmost protection with our wood crating services. Our crate specialist visits to take measurements of crated items and then we perform the crating to ensure the safety of your goods during the move. For overseas moves, we also perform crating with the alternate approved wood products.

We carry a complete line of high quality, competitivCochituate
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d packing supplies, including cartons, specialty cartons for mirrors, china and TV’s as well as supplies such as mattress bags, tape and tissue paper.

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Looking for the peace of mind of knowing your most treasured and fragile items will survive the move intact? You can pack all the non-breakable goods in your home, and our professional packers and movers will take care of the rest, from lamps and paintings to glass cabinets and vases. The rocking motion of a ship on the ocean is much different than the bumps of a moving truck on the ground, so your things need to be packed much differently for an overseas move. As overseas moving experts, we know how to pad and prep your items, use thicker packing products and seal carton edges to lock out moisture.

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Our professional packers and movers use the utmost care when entering your home. This includes protecting your carpets and floors with floor runners before providing any of our packing or moving services. We accept cash, certified cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Visa debit, or Mastercard debit for all of our moving services, including content packing and unpacking services as well as packing materials.

Auburn Packing Movers
Auburn Packing Movers
Auburn Packing Movers