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Pianos are beautiful center pieces in your home; however, when it comes time to move them to your new house, you may be second guessing actually having the piano in your home in the first place. Don’t let the hassle of a piano get you frustrated. Professional piano movers are available to help you with one of the most difficult aspects of your move. Piano movers are essential for keeping one of the most valuable pieces in your home safe and protected during your piano move.

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Moving a piano is never easy, and the task should not be taken lightly. If you try to move your piano by yourself, you might end up with a very sore back or a broken piano – and we know you don’t want either! Let piano movers help you to avoid any risk of damaging a very expensive item in your home, and even your back.

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Pianos are extraordinarily heavy, ranging from 300 to over 1000 pounds. They’re also bulky and come in awkward shapes and sizes. Despite their sturdy look and feel, pianos are extremWhitinsville
delicate musical instruments which can be damaged very easily. There are strings, hammers, pedals, keys, and other parts of the piano that make it very complex and expensive to replace, should anything happen to them.

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When the piano movers arrive at your house, the first thing they will recommend is to close the lid on the piano and lock it, if possible, to prevent any potential damage to the piano keys. If the lid can’t be locked, they will generally wrap it tightly with stretch tape to keep it from opening. Next, they will wrap furniture blankets around the entire body of the piano. Wrapping the entire piano with furniture blankets ensures there is no external or internal damage to the piano.

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Once the piano is wrapped fully, the movers will place furniture straps under each end of the piano, and the movers will lift it up. Should you have any stairs in your house, or an elevator in your apartment building, the movers are trained to deal with just about every obstacle. When the piano actually gets to the moving truck, it will be carefully carried up the ramp and placed into the truck. Your piano will be unloaded and unpacked just as safTolland
as it was loaded into the truck. You might notice that your piano seems out of tune due to the uncharacteristic movements it went through to get to its new environment. However, piano moving experts advise waiting about a month before having it tuned properly.

There’s no need to fret when moving your piano because there are movers who are experts at this. Professional piano movers have the experience necessary to move a piano, and they also have the required, proper moving equipment.

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The expertise of having a professional piano moving company take care of your piano is extremNorthampton
unmatched. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we want your belongings to be safe and taken care of properly. This is why we match you with trusted, reliable movers to make your move as smooth sailing as possible. Call Fresh Start – The Moving Crew today to find the best moving company that specializes in piano moves.

Ashburnham Piano Movers
Ashburnham Piano Movers
Ashburnham Piano Movers