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Acton Furniture-Assembly Movers

Furniture-Assembly Movers Acton, MA
Sometimes, particularly, when you are moving your office, we must disassemble and assemble your office furniture. So far, we have moved many apartments, houses, and businesses in all Acton, MA. Sometimes in your office, apartment, or house we have one or more furniture-assembly movers have to take apart one or two pieces to fit the entrance or hall way. Particularly, in case of small areas with big IKEA furniture, you need IKEA furniture assembly moving services. As you know, most of IKEA furniture specially the large ones are not easy to move as there are many joints on the furniture. Any small move on these kinds of furniture cause a big damage on the furniture

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Furniture-Assembly Movers in Acton

As a result, in these cases you need skilled handy man to disassemble and assemble the furniture. Proper tool to do the assembly and installation. We, at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, have handyman services with furniture assembly experience. Also, at all of our moving trucks, we are using all the necessary tools and moving equipment to make your residential move, office or apartment move faster.

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In recent years, many businesses are using our services for their delivery. At the same time, they need to assemble their furniture as well. For example, some companies import furniture and our moving company helps them to deliver and install their furniture. Needless to say, at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we are using at least one experienced handyman with years of experience in case of assembly furniture in Acton, MA and surrounding areas when delivery these kinds of furniture.

We come to start the job with your new purchased items that we already load them up at our warehouse. We’ll assemble your furniture accuratFramingham
, then install it to your specification. Once we’ve finished, we’ll make sure the area is secure and tidy, so that you have a safe and pleasant space.

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In some cases, people buy furniture from companies like The Brick, or IKEA. Do we install these kinds of furniture? The answer is “yes”. For more information regarding our services for assembly and disassembly furniture, please contact us. Our clients, sometimes, ask us for picking up their purchase at companies such as the Brick, IKEA, and take them to their place on the moving day.

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We have explained in small moves, that we are able to pick up and hold a few new purchased items and hold them for a couple of days before your actual moving date. In case of IKEA, for example, you would need to assemble them when arriving in your new place and remove their packing material specifically when moving to a smaller place.

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Fresh Start – The Moving Crew shows its commitment to safety through a multi-layered approach on a regional and national level. Our Risk MAgement Department employs an enterprise Safety Director who works closLunenburg
with each agency on compliance, training and general awareness of policy change.

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Acton Furniture-Assembly Movers
Acton Furniture-Assembly Movers
Acton Furniture-Assembly Movers