If you have any large dressers or shelving units, it is best to unpack them; it makes them much easier for the crew to move, especially down the stairs. This minimizes this risk of damage to your item, as well as injury of your local movers.

Be sure to set up an onsite with one of our helpful sales representatives. They are completely free and give us an opportunity to better plan for your move. This is especially helpful to ensure that we have the right crew, truck, and tools for your moving job. This will minimize the chances of having to make multiple trips from the pick-up to the drop-off address and will shorten the labor time, which will save you money, time, and stress.

If you have the time, try to label your items. This way, the moving crew will know where they have to go beforehand, rather than spending the time to ask you. We can also pack the truck in relation to where the items will be going in your new home.

With just a little bit of preparation, you can make your time with our professionals go much more smoothly. Contact us today for your free quote!

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